Saturday, July 19, 2014

Probable end to this blog...

Never say never... or so the saying goes.

But, chances are this blog will be on an indefinite hiatus.
Sadly, all but a few people at my LGS have stopped playing Malifaux for whatever reason(s).

I was really hoping I could continue to learn Misaki and was also looking forward to trying out several other Masters that I had not gotten around to building the box sets yet, but it's difficult now to find a pick up game.

I had hoped this blog would have offered more and better information for people just starting Malifaux, but I've also learned that I'm just not that good at this game. I still enjoy it a LOT though. But I consistently find myself on the losing side of things. So I don't find myself in a good position to offer any advice or tips on actual gameplay.

I hope that the folks at my LGS will eventually regain interest in Malifaux, and I can get more games in, but the way it looks now, I'm not hopeful. Perhaps, I'll still be able to get a few games in now and then, but until things pick up, this blog is officially on "stand-by". :)

Thanks to everyone who took some time to comment and read my posts. I know some have benefited from a few of my posts, so this experiment does have some positives.

Hope to be back at some point.