Glossary of Terms

Crew - A crew is the group of models you decide to run during a game of Malifaux. A crew can changes in size or number based on how many points you'd like to play. An example of my Crew: Seamus (Master), Madam Sybelle, 3 Belle's, and 1 CopyCat Killer.

Faction - The game of Malifaux currently uses 7 factions (think of them like a group or army).
They are:
• Resurrectionists - Necromancers and Undead.
• Ten Thunders - An Asia style "mafia" similar to the "Yakuza".
• The Guild - The law (though some may be corrupted).
• Gremlins - New the the 2nd Edition as a faction unto themselves. "Wild and Rambunctious".
• Neverborn - The Native monsters of the city of Mailifaux.
• Outcasts - Similar to Mercenaries. Outcasts can work for other factions.
• Arcanists - Practitioners of Magic.

Fate Deck - A normal deck of 54 playing cards (including both Jokers). The deck of cards is used like dice to determine a 'random' number (and/or suit) to determine the outcome of events in the game. While you can use a standard deck of cards, Malifaux has changed the name of the "suits". Purchasing the "Fate Deck" from Wyrd, helps streamline the play (especially for beginners).

FLGS - An acronym for "Friendly Local Gaming Store" - see also "LGS"

Flip - In Malifaux the game uses cards (also called a "Fate deck"). You "flip" over a card from your deck to reveal a number and suit, which determines if you action (or defense) is successful or not. Basically the game uses cards instead of dice.

LGS - An acronym for "Local Gaming Store" - just a slightly shortened version of FLGS, because after all, aren't all LGS's friendly?

Master - When starting Malifaux, you need to decide which Faction or Crew you would like to run... and the Master is usually where one would look first when deciding. The Master is the leader of the Crew that you run. The Master has special abilities that the normal models do not. An example in my case is that Seamus is the Master of my "RedChapel gang".

TN or Target Number - A number (and sometimes suit) that is required for your action to succeed.

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