Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seamus vs Rasputina 3-15-14

WOOHOO!!! A WIN for Seamus today against the dreaded Rasputina!

After being beaten by Raspy in the past (and rather severely too), I had sworn off playing Raspy until I figured out how to defend against her. And then I realized... about a third of the players at my LGS have chosen Rasputina, so if I wanted to play Malifaux, I better figure it out fast.

I posted to forums, and asked for advice, and basically in a nutshell, the key to Raspy are the Belle's and their Lure capability. Raspy can "arc" through a model, but only if they are within 10" of her. So by using the Lure capability, I'm able to break that strong ability of Raspy.

I've played 2 games now, where I focus on luring, and it's been working out ok.
Today, I managed to pull off a 7-3 win. It was a rough start, My opponent had placed 4 Line in the Sand Markers by the end of turn 2, but I knew I had the rest of the game to try and remove them. After lots of back and forth, I managed to bring his total markers down to 2, which only gave him the one VP.

I also paid attention to the Strategy which was "Reconnoiter", and that, I think is basically how I won the game. I also managed 2 VP from "Cursed Object".

Overall a fun game, with strong tactical play on both sides. There was not a lot of model killing.

One of the downsides though... approx. 4 hours for a 50ss Game! We are both kinda new players, so we obviously took our time, as well as asked a lot of questions, but man, 4 hours of thinking like that had turned my brain to mush at the end of the day. Good times!

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