Monday, March 10, 2014

Seamus vs Raspy

Just a short 'battle report' today.
Saturday, I played a new person in Malifaux, and it was against my nemesis Rasputina.
A week ago, I swore off playing Raspy until I was able to come up with some sort of defense. But, just my luck, 3 of about 10 players at my LGS are playing Raspy. So, I decided to lift my short lived ban, and dive in with a new tactic.
It wasn't complicated at all. Basically, I brought 2 Belles, and concentrated on Luring the gamin away from Raspy, so that she could not arc her spells through them. For the most part, this did work. It was a much closer game than the ones I played in the past (10-0 and 9-1). (It was also a different opponent, so that may have had something to do with it also). I still lost, it was 9-5, but at least I didn't get  stomped on - AND - I feel like a win was within my grasp at the start of turn 4. I had surprisingly taken out his Ice Golem AND Snowstorm! Both were quite the achievement if you ask me.
But, my opponent was clever, he used his Wendigo and Raspy to cast 2 Ice Pillar spells, which severely hindered my ability to get to the squatter's rights markers (not to mention blocking LOS for other attacks). But, I think the game was won, towards the end of turn 4... I was definitely up in model count, but my opponent was able to successfully cast Paralyze on 3 of my models, and at the start of turn 5, I was pretty much frozen, and unable to move. I didn't have the cards in my hand to cheat those paralyze spells away, and I believe that's what cost me the game.
So while it was still a loss, I enjoyed the game very much as it was close all the way up to the end, and the tactics my opponent played I enjoyed defending against, because it was clever.

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