Thursday, April 3, 2014

First game with Misaki!

Well, after finishing out my last Slow Grow league game last week, I was able to play a game tonight with a new master = Misaki from the Ten Thunders faction.
It was a casual game, and my buddy Joel was kind enough to play a game tonight while I stumbled my way through reading all the new cards and models.
I ended up winning the game (7-6), but it was close, and had it gone one more turn, I think I would have definitely lost.
After playing Seamus and his crew for a while now, the biggest difference between the crews, was that I kept looking for some sort of "defense" with Misaki and crew. Several of the Resurrectionists have things like "Hard to Kill, Impossible to Kill, Hard to Wound, etc..." But most of the Ten Thunders I played tonight were just straight forward. There were some adjustments and tricks, but not that many.

Overall, I liked the way the crew played. I didn't really see any great synergy yet, but I'm sure with a few more games I'll find some. I look forward to learning more about Misaki and the Ten Thunders.

PS> My final total for the league was 2 wins and 6 losses. Of the people who actually finished all 8 of their games, I came in last place. No real surprise there. :) So yeah... it's time to look at a new Master/Crew and then I'll come back later and revisit Seamus.

PS2> This Saturday is our LGS' first tournament. I still have not decided if I'm going to play or not. It will be 3 games of 35ss, which at this point sounds grueling to me. I'm not sure if my brain can handle 3 games of Malifaux under a tournament setting. I may volunteer the be the "ringer".


  1. Just dive into the tournament, I felt that way with Warmachine when I started visiting tournaments. Expect you will miss things forget things etc.

    It is the nature of tournaments, even the best miss sometimes (Note I am not a good player, not even average).

    But on the flipside (see what I did there) you will learn more by the mistakes then in causal games. Tournaments make you a better play, even if better is only knowing rules more and your crew a but better.

  2. Thanks for the response docbungle! I took your advice and did just 'dive in'. I lost, as expected, but I accepted that from the beginning and just enjoyed a Saturday afternoon of playing games.