Sunday, April 6, 2014

My first Malifaux Tournament - 4-5-14

I played in my first Malifaux tournament yesterday... and had fun.
I was on the fence as to whether or not I was going to join in, up til the last minute. But when I walked into the game store and saw a group of folks ready to play, I knew I wanted to just have fun.
Don't get me wrong... I went in with the expectation of losing (hoping I might win once), and that's exactly what happened. I even lost to a guy who picked up David Lynch's crew the night before.
But again, I just went to play the game, and enjoy a Saturday afternoon at the LGS.
I met/played with two new guys, so meeting new people in the world of Malifaux is also a positive thing.
Now that the Slow-Grow league is officially over (I placed last in that too, not counting the people who signed up for the league then dropped out after a few games)... And having competed in the tournament with Seamus, only because they were timed games, and I didn't want to slow the games down by starting a new crew. I'll be putting Seamus on the back shelf for now and will look forward to trying out a new Crew (or two). I definitely want to try out Misaki again, and I'd like to assemble McMourning next. I'm hopeful that maybe I'm just not grasping the subtleties of Seamus' crew, and that once I find the right Master/Crew, I'll be able to win more games.

I should add... During the tournament I also helped my opponents win. I'm not sure many people would do that in a tournament setting. My first opponent was familiar with Malifaux 1.5 edition, but either he was rusty, or some of the rules changed in the 2.0 version, but when he was doing "Line in the Sand", he was just dropping markers "near" the centerline. I corrected him towards the end of the game (where he pretty much tabled me), and said you had to drop the markers ON the centerline. The last game, my opponent had the plant explosives, and after dropping the scheme marker, he announced his Scheme. I corrected him, and said, you have to announce that at the end of the Turn. Now, I still had a model yet to move, and could have moved away from his marker, and denied him a point, but I decided that wasn't in the spirit of things, and so I stayed within his radius so he got the extra VP. I'm not sure he even knew I did that on purpose. Maybe I'm just not competitive enough for tournaments? :)

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