Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Misaki vs Yan Lo and also Pandora

A bit late in posting this as the details are fuzzy now, but just throwing up this quick post...
This past saturday our LGS had "Pizzafaux" (come in to play some malifaux games, and get some free pizza!).
Wasn't a huge turnout, 6 in total, but still a good time was had.
I got to play two games, one against Pandora and one against Yan Lo.
The game against Pandora was a fun one. We actually ended up with a 8-8 draw! It was also funny because we each chose Line in the Sand and we each had 4 markers out. To see 8 markers on the centerline was something I'd never seen before.
I might have won that one, had I remembered to use "Distract" as my other scheme, I didn't remember until it was too late, and I couldn't get my last two models into melee range.
My opponent got me paralyzed 2x at the end of the game too, and that REALLY hurt me. I also was really having trouble dealing with the Terror Checks. I had to burn through my hand just to get my attacks to hit.

My second game was against Yan Lo. It was a little difficult for me, because I had not ever played Yan before, and most of his models were new to me. My opponent was fairly new to the game too, and I think he got me a couple times where he announced his trigger *after* I decided not to cheat. I told him once, but then let the other times slide. I ended up losing that one (7-2 I think?), mostly because we had the Flank Deployment, and were in melee attacking one another on turn one! I help my own for those first couple of turns, but then around turn 3, things started going south for me. Eventually, I didn't have enough models on the table to do anything, and we called the game at the beginning of turn 5.

Both games, I got to use 2 TT Archers as well, and I liked what I saw. Not TOO overpowering, but enough to cause a bit of damage that helped me out.

This weekend starts our second "Slow Grow" league, and I'm worried that the turnout won't be there. The players at my LGS have fallen away it seems for one reason or another. But, as long as I can get some games in, I plan on having some fun.

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