Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rules? Who needs rules?

I do!
One of the frustrations for wanting to jump into Malifaux now, at the start of the new 2nd edition... is the lack of available 2e rule books. Up until today, Wyrd has been silent on why the books are pretty much unavailable. They are out there, don't get me wrong, but they are rare. Some people are also taking advantage of this (aka Capitalism = supply and demand and all that). You can go on Amazon.com right now and purchase this book for $60 plus $6 shipping - BUT the book retail price is $40!
This afternoon though, Wyrd finally broke the silence and has offered up an alternative... you can now purchase a smaller rules handbook for only $15. The book does not contain any of the "fluff" or back stories about the world of Malifaux. It's basically just a collection of the rules for how to play the game. But at this point, I'm in. In honesty, I probably would have purchased both books anyway.

As an fyi... the main 2e book is scheduled to be re-stocked sometime in January. Of course that is not set in stone, but it's the target Wyrd is shooting for. Here's their official statement.

Hopefully soon, I'll be able to get my first game in.

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  1. I love the mini rulebook for gaming. I love the big books for inspiration and researching what models do in between games. But if I didn't absolutely love the fluff, I could be very happy with Arsenal decks and the mini rules book.