Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cool Model - Smoke

In today's email announcement, there was also this cool photo of a new model... I believe it's called "Smoke" but it looks similar to the model for "Nothing Beast". {Edit: the gray transparent material is called "Smoke" - the model is from "Nightmare Edition Herald of Obliteration"}. It looks to be a "Special Edition" sculpt (for an expensive $90!) But it is cool looking.

In addition, the email today had a bunch of other announcements for this weekends "Black Friday" sale. Looks like a lot of new sculpts are being made available!

I actually can't recall how I ended up getting this email. I either signed up for it on their website (I can't find the link), or I submitted my email address to them when I signed up to join their Forums.

If you didn't get the email, you can view all the info here on their website.

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  1. Under settings on the forums, if you have allow emails enabled, they can send you their monthly newsletter and any special updates, like this Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale.