Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Demo Game!

Hooray for getting my first Demo game in yesterday (Thanks Jim!). I can't really offer you any detailed or nuanced battle report, because I was struggling to keep up, and just trying to figure out all that was going on.

I was able to use my Seamus and Copycat models (as I had them built and based but not painted), and then I proxied Sybelle, and the Three Belles (using some warmachine models). I went up against Neverborn's Lilith, along with some tots and a Mature Nephilim (I think).

What made the game difficult for me, was that I still have not had a chance to look at a manual and learn about the rules. I also was unfamiliar with how to read the cards themselves. My teacher of course explained things as we went along, but I'm afraid I lacked any sort of planning ability as it was all so new. That said, I had fun. I liked the dynamics of the game, and learned that the "Victory Points" are the key to the entire game. In fact, it was a great example game, because I was able to kill all of my opponents models, yet I still lost based on VP's. I believe the final score was 11-6.

Fun game, and I can already see the fun factor increased by all the "schemes". I look forward to more games.

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  1. The VP system is the core of winning as you learned. 10 is the most vps one can earn in a game (3 from each scheme and 4 from strategy)

    My guess is the "Mature Nephilem" was actually either Brabaros (named Young nephilim) or a young Nephilim. Pretty much starter versus starter box.

    Glad you got a good demo. It is a lot to take in at once. Get a couple more games in and you will be fine.