Friday, December 27, 2013

Upgrade cards - frustration

Today a buddy of mine and myself are going to attempt a game of Malifaux! We're both beginners so it should be an interesting time... I'm hoping the entire day is not spent just reading the rulebook! :) Still, it should be fun. I'll post an update.

In preparation, last night I was reading through my "redchapel" (aka Seamus) upgrade cards, and I was quite frustrated. I think I had a question about each and every card as to how it was worded. I'm hoping that in game it will start to make more sense. I may have to post in the rules forums to get some clarification on several of these.

Example: "Bag O' Tools"

"After damaging enemey models in (?)2..."
It looks like an "x" symbol in the parenthesis, but I can't quite make it out.

"... Attack actions against Seamus receive -2 to the duel total." - I'm not quite sure what "duel total" is referring to.

"Sweet murder... after damage, immediately kill the target unless it (the model?) discards two cards, or two soulstones."  - Does that mean, even if a model can not use soulstones (like a peon), that they can't use the soulstone option?

"To the pain: After damaging, place a friendly Scheme marker in base contact with this model."
 - THIS model? which one, the targeted model OR Seamus, the one making the attack?

There's more, but that's just one card.

More later, and I'll try to post follow up answers to these.


  1. I'll check my cards for that X symbol when I get home tonight. It will be either a pulse or an aura. Auras have a white stick-man in a black background and are permanent. Pulses have a black stick-man on a white background and are one off effects. It would make sense for it to be a pulse in this case.

    Your duel total is the sum of your characteristic (eg. Ca, Ml, Df, Wp etc) and your card flip. In an opposed duel, both you and your target generate a "duel total" and then compare the results to determine the winner. Seamus causes you to subtract 2 from your total before you compare results, in certain circumstances.

    On the subject of using soulstones to avoid sweet murder, I'm not sure. I'll look into that one!

    If you see "this model" written in the text of an ability, it always refers to the model owning the ability. So in the case you refer to, it goes in base contact with Seamus. That one's very consistent wording across the model range.

  2. Great! Yes, I've now learned it's the "pulse" aura that I was looking at. I think I need new glasses as I could not tell it was a symbol of a person inside the parenthesis. :) And thanks for helping clarify those other points for me!