Sunday, December 29, 2013

Declaring triggers - No sandbagging rule...

Oh boy, I didn't mean to do this, but it looks like I stirred up a bees nest with a recent question. :)

I recently discovered an excellent source of info via a Facebook group known as "A Wyrd Place". I'd link to it, but It's a "private" group, so I'm not sure how linking would work. I found it easily though by searching on Facebook. They all seem like a great group and people are willing to help out a noob like me. I highly recommend you to apply to the group.

So, I posted a question that had me a bit puzzled in regards to "declaring triggers". When I played my first demo game with my (unofficial) henchman, I was under the impression that I had to choose which trigger I was going to "declare" BEFORE my flip of the card. Perhaps I misunderstood the henchman (highly likely). So I posted this question in the Facebook forum and the debate started. At the moment it's gotten about 20+ responses to what I would have thought was an easy question. :)
But it seems it's a bit of sore subject for some.

So, first to clarify... you do NOT declare a trigger BEFORE a flip.
*as someone pointed out in the forum though, she simply says "this attack has a trigger(s)" as a courtesy to the opponent.
Then AFTER the flip, you can decide if you want to have the trigger go into effect, and if so, you "declare it" then.

Apparently the sore spot is that people have gotten into a bad habit of announcing the trigger AFTER the duel has been resolved, at which point, it's not easy to rewind the game play and to double check that the trigger's requirements were satisfied.

I found this comment to be the most helpful:
As a henchman, I am no rules hound (my rulebook is always in hand, I cannot remember rules worth a damn), but I stress proper form. Until everybody is super comfortable with the rules in your group, ... I would suggest declaring specifically which trigger you are getting. Also, no declaration, no trigger effect is how we play it, so nobody gets sandbagged. - Julien
I really like the last comment regarding the "no sandbagging."

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