Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Package...

If all goes well with FedEx, I should be getting a box today from Wyrd's Black Friday sale. More later...

Update: Yes it did come in via FedEx. Yay! I'm finally able to read the rules now. I picked up the mini-rulebook (among a couple pre-released models as well!). First impressions of the mini-rulebook are that it's nicely printed. Two minor complaints... 1) the margin area in the "gutter" of the book is too small, you have to bend the pages back kinda far in order to read it. I'm hoping this doesn't effect the book in the long term and doesn't make the binding crack and pages fallout. Probably not, but still it's a concern. 2) Some of the small type is hard to read, especially where they reversed it out to white against a dark background. Again, very minor design points.
In going through the book, I decided to add a new "page" to this blog that talks about the glossary of words used. Should make for a good basic reference for myself and other beginners.

Oh, and I also got notice of another package that I ordered has shipped... but it apparently is sent via UPS ground, so probably won't be here for another week or so. I'm excited to see how this one turned out... It was a bit of an experiment really, so my fingers are crossed it works. Hint... it involves LASERS! :)