Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tokens on the cheap...

A short post - So while I'm not clear yet on the use of tokens in the game of Malifaux, I know they are part of the game. Basically they are tokens used to mark various elements on the gaming table.

One thing I've discovered... the most popular tokens are 30mm in diameter... rather than run out and purchase tokens at this point (there are various places on the web to purchase these token sets), I've found that the average plastic bottle cap (from Soda or Water bottles) are 28mm. I'll be using these for my tokens until I can figure out the best deal for purchasing*. I of course will be upfront with my opponents that they are off in size by 2mm, and for FUN games this shouldn't be an issue.

*My intent is that I'll be designing and making my own tokens at some point down the road using a laser cutter service.


  1. Not sure if you saw these, but Wyrd Miniatures makes colored bases in the different sizes and in the different colors for $5/10 pack. The colors carried are representative of the faction colors. Custom bases will definitely look better, but I'm considering picking up a pack of these myself. Hope this helps!


    1. I had not seen those. Thanks. They are cool looking. There are definitely a lot of choices here, so I'm hesitant to make a decision too quickly.

  2. The pop caps are clever. Well done. Bear in mind that the tokens do not occupy space in the game. So you will eventually want counters that your models can stand on easily no matter if they are fully on a counter or not. Here is a page that has some handy print and play stuff