Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shadows of Redchapel - unboxing

Just a few comments on the "Shadows of Redchapel" box and packaging...
The artwork is fantastic! The images on the back of the box are taken directly from the 3d sculpting program producing accurate renders of the models. I do have two complaints though regarding the packaging design; There is no description of what's inside the box. I would have liked to see a list of the cards included, as well as confirmation that 6 bases are also included. Second, and most of all (from a beginners point of view) Please Wyrd, put the faction name on the box too.
I also had to laugh at the disclaimer statement, "Some cleaning and assembly may be required before painting." – 'May'? Try using the word "ARE" required.

I was a bit surprised at how TINY the actual parts are... not that it's bad to have tiny parts, just took me a little by surprise. My experience is mostly with Privateer Press' Warmachine/Hordes pieces, which are much more substantial in comparison. Assembling these pieces is going to take a bit more finesse (and possibly a pair of tweezers).
I like how each model is represented clearly on the sprue and grouped together.
The flash is nonexistent! I've never seen sculpts this clean before - well done Wyrd.
There are still some mold lines visible in certain areas (mostly Sybelle), but for the most part they are near-seamless.
The amount of detail on these sculpts are also really well done.
I'm a little concerned with how I'll be attaching these models to the bases. There is not a lot of contact area (just their feet) to provide a surface for glueing. I also plan on using some "Secret Weapon" custom bases, that have a texture to the base - I hope I'm not going to have to pin these tiny parts.

Nicely printed. A gloss coating to allow one to use a dry-erase marker directly on the card, but I'm not going to take chances and will sleeve the cards.
1 card for each model: Seamus, Madame Sybelle, Copycat Killer, 3x Rotten Belle's.
6 upgrade cards: Bag O' Tools, Mad Haberdasher, Sinister Reputation, Red Chapel Killer, Not Too Banged Up, Bleeding Tongue.

6x 30mm plastic bases. (also with no apparent flashing to trim).

And not mentioned anywhere on the box, but if you need it, there are detailed illustrations on their website that provide assembly instructions: Though they're pretty straight-forward.

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  1. The box has the color and a symbol to indicate faction:
    Arcanist is blue and a Tome
    Gremlins is a tanish yellow and a pig
    Guild is red and the ram
    Never born is purple and a mask
    Outcast is gold and a rose
    Resserectionists is green and a crow
    Ten thunders is orange and a dragon

    So on the front of your box above, the Malifaux bar at the top shows you it is Resserectionists. I agree it should be in text as well for new players.

    The card coating is very good. I left dry erase marker on a card for three days to test. I am slightly concerned about wear over time especially the wound tracker area. But we shall see.