Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I wasn't sure how to continue or even start this blog post, so I'll just dive right in.

This past weekend (Saturday) I played another 2 games at my LGS. The first one was really fun vs Pandora. We had a real chess match going with both of us trying to strategically get our schemes and Strategy.  I believe the final score was 4VP vs 3VP with me losing. I'll post a short recap of a fun moment during that game in just a bit...
The second game was against a new Master that I had not faced before... Lady Justice.
Yes, a big part of the reason I lost this one was because I was completely unaware of what Lady J (and her crew) were capable of. There were a few attacks also where I asked my opponent what the damage was, and he would say something like, "2, 3, 4" at which point I felt that wasn't too bad, so I didn't cheat it... but then was surprised that there was MORE than just damage happening - like some sort of harpoon attack that drug my model into base contact with one of his heavy hitter, and another one which put one of my Belle's in a pine coffin for the entire game! Had I known, I would have tried harder to prevent those attacks.

But as of Saturday evening and into Sunday I was completely discouraged with trying to play Seamus. I have yet to win ONE game (out of about 15 I think). I mean, am I really that bad? Can I simply not comprehend this game of Malifaux?! And - other than 2-3 games, where the results were at least close in VP, most of those games were me getting stomped on (like 10-1)! Sigh.

So, since then, I've managed to get a lot of new advice from the Facebook forum, as well as suggestions on switching Masters to see if I can't find one that either 1) better fits my play-style* and/or 2) is easier for me to learn. I'm currently thinking of switching over to Misaki of Ten Thunders (and/or Yan Lo).
I also picked up a new model called "Izamu" - in the hopes of bringing a stronger melee model to Seamus' crew.

Now that a few days have passed from the sting of continually losing, I've managed to regroup and I'm anxious to try again.

* play-style: Someone asked me in the forums what I play-style was... I laughed... I don't have a play-style, because I've lost every single game. :)


Finally - here's the brief recap of a pivotal moment during my game with Pandora:

I was playing Seamus vs Pandora. It was a really good game, with lots of strategy going on and not so much killing. It was down to Turn 5, and I had a Belle engaged by "Candy". My belle also had the "distract" condition on her, but since she was engaged, 1) she could not remove Distract and 2) could not drop a marker either to gain my 4th Line in the Sand marker. Candy HAD to go! So I activated Seamus first - shooting into combat was the risk I had to take. Luckily I flipped a 12 for my belle, and an 11 for Candy! whew, that was close. I had an excellent had too (11, 12 and two 13's). Bang... his flintlock goes off. I cheated the 13 in for a definite hit. I ended up with a Single Negative Damage flip... I flipped a 12 and a 13!!! Awesome - 8pts! 8pts would have killed Candy! So My opponent decides to mitigate damage by breaking a SS. Can you guess? He flipped a Red Joker! NO Damage!!! (Head on table slam). I ended up losing the game - but it was a good battle. :)

<Shakes fist at FATE!>

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