Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow Grow - Game 2 - Seamus vs Ophelia

Yep, another battle against Ophelia and loss for the record books. In the second photo, you can see all the corpse markers!

I only got about 4" from my deployment zone with most of my army. I did get ONE VP at the end of the game for the "Squatter's Rights" Strategy. I used Seamus' "Back Alley" to get into a good position to claim two markers.

Unfortunately for me, I chose my other Scheme of "Protected Territory" BUT I totally mis-read the victory conditions! In fact after the game, I still had to have the wording explained to me by another player because I didn't get it. The book said something like, "Marker must be dropped at least 6" from deployment area". I interpreted that to mean it had to be "within 6", but in fact it meant it had to be 6" away from deployment area. Sigh.
So I managed to score 1VP against Ophelia who scored a whopping 10VP.

Two fun games, but I have to admit I was/am frustrated at the continual losses.
I managed to post on the Wyrd Forums, and used their new CHAT feature on their newly revamped website, and I have picked up a few tips on maybe changing up my model selection. But I was also told that Seamus is difficult to learn, AND that Ophelia is a REALLY good Master, and that even if you play Seamus perfectly, Ophelia can still win, with just a few good flips.

Side note: I'm trying to figure out a good way to record the card flips for each player. I'm hoping that I can look at the flips, and maybe see if I can blame my losses on bad cards. So far, I've not thought of an easy way. I'm considering buying a video camera too, so as to try and do a proper battle report. But right now, I have too much going on in game to worry about a video battle report!

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