Thursday, February 13, 2014


Well, after getting quite a bit of helpful tips on running Seamus via forums and friends at my LGS, tonight's game, although still a loss, felt like it *could* have gone my way.

I played Lilith for a 35SS game.

My opponent one-shotted Sybelle with a Red Joker Cheat on Damage on turn two. So I had an uphill battle from the start. But thankfully my new model (Izamu) really held his own against Lilith. Were it not for Iz - I think I would have been stomped on again. I'm also aware of a few mistakes I made, so hopefully next game I can correct those mistakes.

AND I also picked up the Misaki (Ten Thunders) Crew tonight for when Seamus needs to be put aside for a bit.

So in spite of yet another loss, I'm feeling more hopeful that a Win is within my grasp soon. Fingers Crossed.

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