Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seamus vs Pandora


Fun game tonight. I faced off against Pandora for the first time (not technically true, we tried to play a game on Wednesday, but the store closed before we finished, so hard to count that).

Around turn two, I was feeling pretty good about my placement and had already dropped a well placed scheme marker, but then I lost a model. Turn Three, things went down hill even more. By turn four, it was looking really grim. Turn five confirmed the grim feelings, as the score ended up as 7VP Pandora vs my 1VP for Seamus.

I felt like I just couldn't get any damage to stick at all. Pandora did heal at least 2-3 times, which didn't help at all. My luck at drawing bad cards also played a large roll - again.

Trying to re-think what it could be that I'm doing wrong. I tried to really focus on the schemes tonight, but just couldn't get em done. Oh, and the Strategy was "Reckoning" - I only managed to kill one model from Pandora's crew the entire game.

Lastly, what really hurt with Pandora's crew was the failed willpower tests within 6" range of 3-4 of his models. Most of my models only have a WP of around 4.

--- Tomorrow also starts our LGS' First Ever - Slow Grow League! Looking forward to getting more games in, and learning more. ---

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