Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow Grow - Game 1 - Seamus vs Rasputina

First game of our LGS' Slow Grow league! I faced off against Rasputina (played by Tre R.). I believe the other models in her list were the Ice Golem, 3 Ice Gamins, and a Wendigo.
Maybe you've already figured this out but looking at the photos, that Rasputina's crew was not fully assembled/based. The league rules were relaxed to start with since most of us starting the league are all new players.

I'm just going to give the short version here of a battle report... I lost. Big time. I basically have not learned how to play Seamus yet. Raspy, started just behind the building (photo 2), and on turn 1, walked up abt 4" behind the wall, and then proceeded to stay there the entire game. She basically just arced spells through the Ice Gamins and destroyed my entire crew.


  1. Just a small pointer, to get a better feeling for the crew:

    Rasputina can only arc spells if her Gamin are within 10" and LoS. Rotten Belles are a pretty hard counter to that. Mimic her, stay away, Lure her Gamin so she has to walk and waste Actions.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks Dirial! That little tip does help. I'm pretty sure my opponent was within the 10", but I wasn't aware of that requirement, so the Lure would definitely have been best used there.