Thursday, January 16, 2014

Game 3: Seamus vs Ophelia

(Ophelia Lacroix - Gremlins)

Another game in the record books!
I met up at the LGS and played Chris M. in a 40SS game of Malifaux.
As usual I had fun (even though I lost with a 7-1 VP score).

Chris played the master known as "Ophelia" as part of the Gremlin Faction. It was a little easier for me, in the sense that Ophelia is VERY similar to Perdita's Crew (I've played Perdita 2x now).

In a nutshell, the game went similar to my last Perdita game, in that, Turn 1, my opponent ran/moved/pushed his crew pretty far up the board. I then cautiously moved up a little bit and attempted to Lure Ophelia from the center of the table. In hindsight, I may have helped his placement.

Turn Two, the battles started. I noticed this with Perdita as well, that once Perdita, and Ophelia get their models in place, the battle basically turns into a shoot out, with very little movement anymore.
I used Seamus and Copycat to try and take shots with their pistols, while Chris' Gremlins returned fire.
Also similar to Perdita, he has a model (I forget the name) that is like "Nino" (I think that's the right name), who basically is a walking ticking bomb. I made the mistake of getting my models too close to one another, and his model walked in and exploded, doing quite a bit of damage to 3-4 of my models. On the next turn (or two) when I killed his model, it also exploded upon death, which did another 4-5 points of damage to the same handful of models.

The shared Strategy was "Reconnoiter", which I had not played before, and was a little confused on how it worked (I understand it now). Because Chris had the board pretty well covered, he kept me from scoring any points under that Strategy.

My two Schemes were: Line in the Sand (only because I'm familiar with that one), and then I chose "Murder Protege" and Chose Sybelle as my target, which I scored the one VP point for her.

All in all, it was another learning game, and I enjoyed some of the Gremlin "shenanigans". Chris really dealt a lot of damage out, which I was able to resist fairly well, but in the long run, it took it's toll and I ended up losing most of my models by turn 5.

I'm wondering too... I may not be taking advantage of Seamus' movement shenanigans. I'll need to concentrate on that in the future and look to see how I can make the terrain work the best for my plans.

(Also, the 40SS game took us almost 3 hours to complete, because we are both new players and had to refer to the manual quite often to look up rules and conditions).

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