Saturday, January 25, 2014

Game 5 - another loss

Blech. Another loss with ol' Seamus facing off against Ophelia again.
I feel like this game was a bit close though so maybe I'm making progress in figuring out how to face Ophelia. Lesson learned today... don't try to kill those pesky little Gremlins, but concentrate more on using Seamus movement, and the Belle's lure, to gain better placement for the Schemes.

Another lesson learned today is that you can only "cheat" one time. I've confirmed this by doing a search on the Wyrd forums, but I still can't seem to find it in the rulebook. I was under the impression that as long as you are "losing" the battle, you were allowed to cheat... but apparently this is incorrect.

One thing I miss from the Warmachine days... on the Privateer Press forums, they have something called "Infernals" that are sort of the "last word" on any rules question. It seems that Wyrd, at one time, had a similar status, but they decided to eliminate it. Instead, you have to depend on the community of people answering.

In spite of the loss (again), I still enjoyed the game, and I think we also made it through by only referring to the rulebook about 4-5 times. I think I'm slowly learning the rules!


  1. The Wyrd forums used to have Rules Marshalls who would often jump into threads and make official rulings on how different abilities interacted.

    The problem with that system was that, over a few years, these rulings ended up getting buried in the forum, and so you ended up with situations like:

    Player A: It works like this
    Player B: No, it was ruled on the forums some time last year that it worked like *this*
    Player A: Oh, right... do you have a link on you so I can check?
    Player B: I can't remember where I read it... I think the thread title was something to do with LOS....?
    *Queue lengthy forum search*

    In the current system the Game Devs are monitoring the forums, and if a question gets asked a lot, they'll issue a clarification in the official FAQ, keeping all rulings in the same place. Justin's post about the new system sheds more light on the decision and the current system:

    How are you finding coping with Ophelia's damage output? Is Hard to Wound and defensive abilities keeping you in the fight nicely, or do you feel you have to play conservatively, staying in cover and such?

  2. Hi Mike, Thanks for the comment. Interesting insight into the Wyrd decision to release FAQ updates instead of the rulings in a forum. Seems like the forum search shouldn't be that difficult. I'm also surprised this doesn't lead to a new FAQ every week, or even lengthy FAQ's where you'd have to do a search anyway? But we'll see how it goes I guess. :)

    I think one of the models I struggle with most is "pere" (spelling? Perry?), with his 6" explosion. And then when you kill him, he explodes again with a 2" range. I can't seem to keep my models far enough apart, so that he doesn't run into a group, and do heavy damage to about half my crew. Another thing that gets me, is the "reckless" which gives the Gremlins 3AP... I end up having to suffer a lot of damage, or use up all my good cheats, just to keep one model alive. So between Ophelia and "Francis" (sp?) they deal out some strong damage attacks. I wish to play again, where I REALLY concentrate on just avoiding his crew, and trying to get my Schemes done as fast as possible.