Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game 4 - Seamus vs Ophelia and TYPO!

Yep, I had another game with Chris M. and his Ophelia/Gremlins crew.
I won't go into the details, but lets just say I was shot up again like swiss cheese. :)
I was able to get one of my Schemes so the VP points were a little closer this time around (7-3), but just couldn't prevent him from gaining points via the "Squatters" strategy.

I NEED to figure out how to mitigate all the ranged attacks in some way. I brought a Punk Zombie to try out for the first time, and he was shot up to only one health point left by the 2nd turn. Never even got him into melee.

Wow! Perry (the exploding one) is brutal! I've GOT to start being mindful of his 6" range and keep my models farther apart.

Still a fun game.

Oh... AND... I might have actually had a better score. I discovered there was a TYPO in the mini-rulebook! I had a Red Joker in my hand (yay!) and had saved it up for Seamus' pistol attack onto Lenny. My intent was to cheat the Red Joker, to guarantee me a hit, and a "Severe + Weak" which would have killed him. But come to find out, the chart on Page 52 of the mini-rulebook is incorrect. Turns out, the Red Joker ONLY guarantees a HIT on the attack phase, and you then still would have to flip for a DMG. I posted to the Facebook group and confirmed that this was a typo. Someone from FB has also re-posted the question on the Wyrd Forums, in the hopes of getting an official comment.

Lastly, our game this time around only lasted 2 hours... we were able to shave a full hour from our time, as we both are getting more comfortable with the rules.

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