Saturday, January 11, 2014


I have to admit... I'm really looking forward to tomorrow (1/12/14) for our first official Malifaux event at my Local Gaming Store (LGS)! They've called it "Pizzafaux" in order to tempt new players to showing up. If you play a demo game, you get some free pizza!

At this point, I think we're going to have about 5-7 players show up (I think almost all of them, but 2 are beginners like myself). So it will be great to start a game with a handful of people all at the same basic skill level.

At this stage, I've pretty much read the mini-rulebook cover to cover, but obviously it's a lot to absorb. I've also been posting some of my questions in the Wyrd Facebook group (which has been an awesome experience - usually within a matter of minutes the questions are answered by multiple people). In addition, I've been posting questions on the official Wyrd Forums, and I've been getting great responses there too.

So I'm sure there will be lots of questions after tomorrow. Even so... I'm still looking to get some fun games in, meet some new players, and hopefully start a solid foundation of other Malifaux players at our LGS.

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