Friday, January 3, 2014

Malifaux scale

I've been thinking of making some very simple terrain pieces for Malifaux. Our local game store does have terrain of course, but the pieces are all sort of jumbled and mismatched from different sources. They also don't provide a lot of terrain choices in regards to levels or height. I like some of the photos of the "Terraclips" that I've seen online (also sold by Wyrd). I like the various levels with ramps and stairs, doors, etc... My hesitation in buying the Terraclips is that it looks like it would take a long time to assemble, and that it's rather pricey for a bunch of cardboard (they do look nice though). I also learned you pretty much have to buy TWO packs in order to cover a standard 3'x3' playing area for Malifaux.

So, I've been thinking of something simple, that I could transport easily back and forth to the game store, and that would take only a few minutes to set up. While I haven't actually attempted this yet, I'm thinking of either one or two solutions (or a combo of each).

Option one: a bunch of wooden blocks (approx. 1.25" sq.) - along with some wooden strips to provide walkways or ramps. The strips could just be thin balsa wood and or maybe "plasticard".

Option two: foam core. Somewhat easy to cut into irregular sizes (like building footprints). So I'm thinking they wouldn't have to necessarily be to and actual height. They could just represent a 2" building or platform.

Obviously I'm still thinking this all through, and not sure which option would be best.

The last thing I wanted to post, was regarding the issue of scale. IF I wanted to build a small simple building and yet keep it somewhat to scale, what would that look like. After a bunch of web surfing, and a post to the "Wyrd" Facebook group, I've determined some basic numbers. Malifaux is a 32mm scale game (It actually says that on the back of the mini-rulebook). But what does the 32mm mean!? According to different web posts, this is where it gets a bit confusing. 32mm equals 6 feet tall. But there is something called "heroic 32mm" and there is also a standard in relation to miniatures where the actual measurement is supposed to be from the feet to the eyes, because of hair, helmets and hats.

So long story short (too late for that)... Malifaux = 32mm = 6' tall... with the understanding that it's not a precise measurement.


  1. Using that it's easy to build terrain to scale. Using 32mm as 6 feet and halve it. So a 9 foot ceiling would equal 48mm. I just rounded it up a bit and used 1/4 inch scale (1/4" = 35.56mm) . It's not too far off and the terrain is awesome as well as being able to purchase 1/4' dollhouse furniture and stuff that can make table interesting.

  2. Thanks Kris for the additional information!